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High-precision cutting and punching tools.

Precision tools

  Precision tools, Deep-drawing tools, Perforating tools, Punching tools, Marking and embossing tools, Precision parts, Dosing plates, Bush boxes, Tablet feeders

Parts for thermoformers and plant construction and mechanical engineering.

Precision parts

  Sealing rollers, Conveying rollers, Blister forms, Blow moulding plates, Spare parts and accessories, Heating plates, Exchange wheels, Sealing plates, Conveying tracks, Conveying tongs

Spare parts and accessories for tablet packaging systems

Spare parts and accessories

  Blister packaging system, Blister packaging systems, blistermachine, blistermachines, tabletmachine, tabletmachines, blister machine, blister machines, tablet machine, tablet machines

Second-hand blister packaging system / blister line / blister packer / blister sealer

Used blister machines

  Used blister machines